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Testimonials UNIQUE Spiritual experienced enormous life energies with mehdi jaffari

Visit Chatswood Life Clinic for a new lease of life. Unload your mental burdens with UNIQUE Spiritual Counselor Darvish Mehdi.jaffari  As a client who experienced enormous life energies during my spiritual counseling sessions, I want to share my success story with those who have lost direction & accepted defeat in their lives.
During my emotional problems, relationship separation and financial loss which was ruining my life, I had the good fortune to read about Darvish Mehdi jaffari in a magazine and made an appointment. In the peaceful surroundings of Chatswood Life Clinic, I was able to reclaim my life energy and have my wounded spirit touched, lifted and healed in a very special way that has made me a mentally powerful individual today. Life is a gift. For success in all areas of life, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see Darvish Mehdi. You will be amazed.



I came to see Mehdi because I was feeling depressed, very fearful and feeling overwhelmed. After my first visit, my depression & fear was completely gone and I woke up the next morning feeling very happy. I also brought my daughter to see him for her asthma and she is much better now. I feel both of us got more from Mehdi than what we originally came for. I am stronger, happier and am very grateful for having met Mehdi and his family.



My name is Anhita and I developed serious mental problems during my teenage years and ended up in a Psychiatric Ward in Hospital for 6 months. After being released I continued on medication and became very overweight, gaining nearly 30kg and became ill again during my studies. The principle phoned my mother as he felt I was in a dangerous situation and she picked me up from school. This time my mother didn’t return me to hospital as she found out about Mehdi through friends. Mehdi healed my Mental problems and I was able to come off my medication and loose the excess weight. I went on to University and am doing very well. I want to thank God for sending Mehdi who saved my life.



What can I say but THANKYOU MEHDI from the bottom of my heart, I owe it to you for the positive white light around me & the journey of life that is my gift from GOD. It was in my darkest loneliest hour that I was reading through my monthly spiritual magazine looking for hope or a sign that would help me out of my pit of despair that I found your message. A message to anybody who is suffering from the many debilitating issues that engulf us in today’s unforgiving society, ranging from anxiety, depression, fear, relationship breakdown just to mention a few. As I skimmed further down the ad it was the next two words that stopped me in my tracks. EATING DISORDERS! At that moment I picked up the phone with anticipation to dial the number stated at the bottom of the page knowing full well that I had called many other healers in the past for the very same reason but to no avail. Call me optimistic but for some reason that I couldn’t shake, this message felt different to me & I couldn’t explain it then & I struggle to explain now. All I know is that when I saw Mehdi’s gentle face in the advertisement I sensed a feeling of peace & serenity that I had not felt in awhile so it was all good to me. A lady named Tracy answered with a pleasant & friendly English accent & it was at this point that I broke down & sobbed barely being able to mention my name let alone say hello. Tracy immediately soothed me with her understanding words & calmed me down so I could finally let it all out for the first time in years. After a long but much needed chat about my fight against anorexia nervosa & bulimia, the endless days of starving & exercising through to the nights of binging & purging to compensate, I was sure I wanted to make an appointment to meet with Mehdi & start my road home to recovery & health.

Once the day arrived for my appointment at the Chatswood Life Clinic where Mehdi sees his clients I knew I had a chance here to really get some serious answers about not only my eating disorder but life in general, the journey of life. I’m so grateful to you Mehdi for the true to life healing technique that has transformed my body full of negative, draining energy into a beautiful healthy body full of positive life force energy & the benefit of breathing exercises & special meditation techniques you teach. I will always sing your praises to people Mehdi urging them to contact you so that they too can gain freedom from the pit of despair & the feeling of hopelessness that so often takes its toll on our happiness & health.



At over 40yrs old, I have met many wonderful people from all walks of life, but Darvish Mehdi is one very special person. I went to see him for counseling & healing and he became a very special friend to me. I was always amazed to see how he placed commitment and importance – giving his time & energy to always being there to help others in their time of need.

Firstly, through his wonderful counseling, he helped me find true forgiveness from my heart towards my x-husband who had an affair after 24 years of marriage. I felt emotionally destroyed by my marriage breakdown and finding true forgiveness released my intense & deep pain, enabling me to concentrate on rebuilding the important balance of life for both myself and my children. I was able to rebuild a good friendship with my x-husband which was definitely an important benefit for my children’s continued relationship with their father and at the same time I felt able to rebuild my life. A few months later I visited Darvish Mehdi to seek healing for a long time back condition. My condition had caused me immense pain on and off for years, whereby my family witnessed me sometimes even struggling to get out of bed, let alone be able to walk properly. Often, the only way I could relieve this pain was to sit against a wall for at least half an hour and gradually ease my spine into a certain posture to be able to release enough of the pain to walk. ‘This situation would come and go totally unexpectedly – I would experience many weeks pain free and then suddenly it would take me by extreme force and disable me for days. It was a terrible situation which continued for many years without any medical answers other than strong medication which I didn’t want to continue with. After one healing session, this problem has never re-occurred which has now been over 2 years.

Thank you so very much Mehdi



Thanks to the helping healing hands of you Mehdi, you have put our lives back into a positive way of life. It hasn’t only enhanced Connor’s life but ours as well. We have our lovely wee happy boy back again, and although there will be times when things won’t always go as smoothly as they are, I’m sure we will all cope a lot better. Connor is doing very well in school and has made lots of friends. He has also received certificates for his short story writing and loves soccer now, and is willing to give a lot more things a try. He has more confidence and handles different situations in his stride. Connor is also getting on very well with his sister Ashlyn and his older brothers – a much happier home. Connor has come a long way from being a very unhappy boy with sleeping, anger problems and unable to relate to other children. Connor talks a lot more about his feelings to his father and I and that’s great. Thanks so very much Mehdi for giving us back our little boy that we always knew we had, and thanks to both you and Tracy your lovely wife for being there for us.



My name is Leigh and I suffered from exercise induced Asthma for 18 years and at the age of 21yrs, after seeing Mehdi, I am finally able to enjoy my sports without getting breathless. After moving to New Zealand, my Asthma became worse and I had a fairly serious attack in early 2003, ending up in hospital. I heard about Mehdi through my mother, and even though I had reservations about Spiritual Healing, I agreed to have a few sessions to hope for some improvement. After the first session I felt something was different and over the following month I had four further sessions, noticing I was able to reduce my inhalers greatly. By the 5th session I no longer needed my medication at all. I am very grateful to Mehdi who has given me a greater quality of life.



Luke has had a fear phobia for about 12 months, where he wasn’t able to walk too and from school alone, not able to sleep in his bedroom because it was situated close to the front door of our home, and couldn’t go outside by himself at night. He was often very angry and stressed. After only 6 counseling sessions with Mehdi, his phobia completely vanished! He’s able to walk too and from school, sleeps well at night and his whole attitude has changed – anger & stress has disappeared and he’s very, very positive. Both friends and family have commented on his change, and we’re very happy.



Dylan suffered from Chronic Asthma for 12 months. He was constantly on steroid medication and daily took ventalin and preventative inhalers. He lost his appetite and consequently suffered dramatic weight loss. We sought medical and specialist advice, only for Dylan to be given more medication which we weren’t happy about & which was also very costly. As my son Luke was already having sessions with Mehdi, I decided enough was enough and after Luke’s very successful healing, I brought my son Dylan. At the time of seeing Mehdi, Dylan had pneumonia and was a very very sick boy. He wasn’t able to go to school for 2 weeks and was having many asthma attacks. Dylan had only 9 sessions with Mehdi and WOW, what a different boy!! To my mind, Mehdi is a God! We had a family picnic which involved a lot of running, playing soccer, touch etc; and Dylan was just “going for it” the whole day without one wheeze or complaint. Dylan no longer takes any preventative or ventalin medication for his asthma and no more steroids – yeh!! I would pay any amount to see Mehdi! he and his lovely wife Tracy and beautiful children are an amazing family – very friendly and welcoming. Anyone with an illness or problem should see Mehdi to have the difference in their life.

CATHY – Mother of 6 and a converted mother to natural healing!


I would just like to say thank you for healing me in such a short period of time. Before you healed me I couldn’t walk anywhere with out someone coming with me and I couldn’t sleep anywhere except for my younger sisters room in the house. Now that you have healed me I can walk to school, shops and sleep down in my room (sleep out). Thank you also for healing my Asthma. Before you did this I could only hold my breathe for short period of time. I can now hold it for about 1 minute

LUKE WELLACOTT – at age 13


I Devina Collins had my Asthma healed by Mehdi. It only took three sessions. It’s amazing as I’ve never been able to breath the way I do today. I have stopped smoking cigarettes as well as dope and feel fantastic. I feel in my heart and soul Mehdi has done a wonderful job through his gift of God. Thank you so much Mehdi.



This is a healing sanctuary of high integrity and giftedness and I witness a true servant of God. Thank you Mehdi for availing your soul as a conduit of God’s great love. Thank you Tracy for honouring this servant. Two angels in my midst.



I’m aware of Mehdi’s spiritual belief. he follows a very high value of love and respect for people. I’ve been a witness to Mehdi’s healing capability through areas in my own life and my daughters, whereby I’ve had my migraine healed and my daughter’s ear infection was totally healed. I’ve also had healing with personal problems which affected me for 15 years. Mehdi has been a very close friend of my family. We love and cherish him very much.



When Mehdi applied his form of healing over areas responsible for my Asthma without touching my body in any way, shape or form, I began to feel a gradual immense relief within my physical, mental and emotional being in regards to my Asthma. I have had Asthma for 40-41 years. As the healing was taking place I could feel a warm gentle rolling wave shift motion of energy bursts, energy replenishing and reassembling then settling down, then finally a further wave of reassurance cementing everything into place. The first session took 10 mins and I have not had cause to use my inhaler since. Now I can honestly say with surety that I know I am clear of Asthma and that with total lack of self care and lack of wisdom would I personally bring it back upon myself.

Kia Kaha Koe I au mahi wairnatanga mo te tangata.



My first healing session with Mehdi helped me tremendously, especially my eyes. The second session took the pain out of my right shoulder and legs and my mind is alot more clear. I feel like I have more energy and feel more positive
Thank you.



During 2002 I suffered chest and back pain, which gradually became worse until I was unable to move without a lot of suffering. I received Spiritual Healing from Mehdi and during one session I was completely without pain and able to move freely. I have not had any re-occurrence of this problem since my healing. I had also suffered migraines for many years and was healed during a 10 minute session with Mehdi. I have not suffered any more migraines.



I’m 27 years old and have battled with anorexia since my teens.  I was 172cm and weighed 41kg before seeing Darvish Mehdi.  My mum and stepfather were clients of Darvish and because of the incredible help he gave them, they encouraged me to make an appointment as they were always so worried about me.

On my first consultation I was really shocked at the immediate change I felt in myself.  The following week, my partner of two years wanted to come with me to meet the person who had changed me so dramatically!  Over the following weeks, I became more emotionally stronger in all other areas of my life as well.

I continue to gain weight, I feel healthy for the first time I can remember and enjoy life to the full.  The stress on my relationship has gone because my partner doesn’t worry about my health any more and I feel I’ve got my life back.

I want to thank Darvish Mehdi so much for changing my life.



I have been married for 30 years.  I work in my husband’s business & one day I caught my husband being intimate with his secretary.  I felt so hurt & betrayed; I wanted to end my life.  At home that night I was only thinking about how to die, I just didn’t care.  I saw Darvish Mehdi on Channel 4 TV station and called his number immediately.  This was close to midnight and when I explained my situation over the phone and the fact I wanted to end my life, Darvish Mehdi convinced me not to do anything and told me to visit him straight away.  I was shocked someone would care so much and I drove to his home/office. 

He counseled me and gave me very strong energy and I felt different straight away.  I left feeling I wanted to live and face what had happened. 

I continued to have counseling and was able to forgive my husband and we are happily back together.  Darvish Mehdi also gave me a special potion to help my self-confidence & I began to feel really good about myself.  When I returned to work again with my husband, our clients commented how much I had changed and some even asked if I had a face-lift or some surgery as they said I looked so good!  I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened but I believe God gave me the opportunity to see Darvish Mehdi on TV that night, which turned my life around.  This potion also changed my husband and he behaved completely different towards me and continues to show me love and respect like he did many years ago.

I cannot express in words how much Darvish Mehdi has done for me.  I owe him so much.


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Mehdi understands that taking time out for yourself every day is vital and by using his unique ‘Water Meditation’ for as little as 5 to 10 minutes each day will create positive changes in your life.

This meditation is easy to follow and a wonderful way of relaxing and connecting with your innerself, especially as we all live life in the fast lane of the modern world!

You can experience remarkable emotional changes at the deepest levels, building motivation, responsibility, confidence, focus and reconnection with yourself, helping your emotional well being, general health and happiness. Other significant benefits are a reduction of stress, restful sleep, increase of focus, concentration and memory, all of which will bring more happiness and flow into your life.

As you continue to implement Mehdi’s unique and simple-to-follow ‘Water Meditation’, you will learn to automatically focus in the present and heal emotional blocks, bringing serenity and calmness without the overload and pressures that everyday situations can bring to your life, enjoying qualities of wisdom and compassion, which are essential for anyone aspiring to implement changes in their lives

Mehdi’s unique ‘Water Meditation’ is ONLY AUD$5.99 and available immediately for your benefit.

Please note that this video file is 229MB and 11 minutes long. Please check your computer’s download availability.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist TO YOU ALL happy day goog life froom mehdi.



From my home to yours – enjoy.
Please don’t break this even  if you only send it to one person. Thanks




I am not going to be the one who lets It  die.


I found it believable —

Angels have walked beside me all 
My life–and they still do.


This is to all of you who mean something to me,
I pray for your happiness.
The Candle Of Love, Hope &  Friendship

      This candle was lit on the 03th  of feb, 1955


Someone who loves you has helped

Keep it alive by sending it to you.
Don’t let The Candle of Love,  Hope and  Friendship die!


Pass It On To All of your friends and everyone you love!

I received it today for the first time

And I hope it comes back again someday.

Please keep this candle alive 
‘Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.


Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.’

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Spiritual Self-confidence by mehdi jaffari

Spiritual Self-confidence

Many people have problems with lack of self-confidence and this can affect life in different but major areas, depending on the individual. If you’re not able to recognise the beauty within yourself, you’re always in conflict about what you think and what others think about you. This can cause unhappiness & issues in your personal life and certainly jealousy towards friends or the opposite sex around your partner, even with people you don’t know!

It doesn’t matter if we’re tall, short, fat, or thin, pretty or ugly, black or white, rich or poor. We all have different expectations based on our lives and we all deserve happiness.

From years of Spiritual experience helping people in this diverse area, I found the answer using a special power and strong energy in a potion for both men and women that I named “surgery without the knife”. This spiritual potion that I make individually for people gives them the self confidence to move forward in life, makes them aware of their inner beauty, they feel vibrant, younger, and more desirable and others around notice something completely different.

For more information, please phone or email for a consultation.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist The Science of Spirituality by mehdi jaffari

The Science of Spirituality

As defined in the dictionary, science is a branch of knowledge characterized by a methodical approach to study and experimentation. Spirituality on the other hand, is a study of religion involving beliefs in the Divine Power or Higher Being.

Both are some form of study. Both have method. However, their subject of study and their actual methods are distinct. Nevertheless, we can put the two of them together in a phrase or term that makes sense: science of spirituality. In this case, though, spirituality becomes the subject of science.

When we say science of spirituality, however, we are not talking about actual experimentation. Rather, it’s more of observing and learning from observation. Science in spirituality is not something that a mathematical equation or even methodical system can quantify. It is more your own personal science – your branch of knowledge that defines what spirituality is to you. It is about spiritual lessons.

Although there are spiritual mentors and gurus that you look up to – those who seem to have mastered the art of spirituality cannot tell you about a proven formula for tapping your own spiritual depths. They can tell you how they got there; what internal processes they had to go through to be in their own “inner peace circle” but they can only hope that their own spiritual journey will be useful and valuable to you. You, however, are still responsible for your own spiritual journey; they told you about their experiences but it’s up to you to follow their advice and to gauge when such advice is relevant.

Spiritual Lessons

If you haven’t come to grips with it yet, it’s high time you accept that we are all here to learn valuable lessons. We will sail through life or struggle through it, depending on how well we learn our lessons.

Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, you keep getting hurt over the same reasons albeit in different circumstances? What does this tell you? It is saying that until you learn your lesson and be changed by it, you will keep getting the same results.

We have to pay attention to the spiritual lessons that life has been giving us from Day One. We call them spiritual lessons because these events, situations and incidents that happen to us, the things we feel or experience in the hands of the people we love, strangers that we meet, the colleagues at work, and our bosses, these are supposed to teach us the way so our true selves can emerge.

Sometimes these lessons come in soft, gentle whispers so as not to scare us or hurt us. But more often than not, we don’t hear these soft whispered lessons. We are too busy thinking about and focusing on much bigger things: bigger houses, bigger jobs, bigger finances, bigger egos, and bigger debts.

The spiritual lessons continue, but now they are more audible. We feel a twinge of guilt for things we did not do, perhaps a slight dissatisfaction for things we were unable to accomplish. However, our consciousness still brushes these aside. We think we can get to them later on.

Finally, the lessons will come in the form of painful events, tragedies and disasters. Then we notice the lesson; that’s the only time we pay attention to what is really going on.

Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

If you tell me you know a man who has no problems, I’ll know that’s not true because everybody has problems. The severity and type of problems differ, but the fact remains that everyone has his or her own cross to carry.

We shouldn’t regard problems as obstacles to our spirituality. They just happen to be in the way of our spiritual growth so we scale it, build a tunnel under it or remove it one piece at a time until our path becomes clear again.

Dramatic persons that we are, how many times have we considered something so impossible to get over, that we get depressed, we lose our way or we simply give up? Later on we realize that what we used to think of as a life or death situation was actually just something as ordinary as changing a tyre; it is only difficult the first time.

In fact, this should tell you that problems are learning experiences. They will help you grow and become more mature so that when you look back, you’ll see that the mountainous problems which so scared you before have become mere molehills you’ll just step over. You have become bigger than your problems.

When we stop thinking that problems are punishment for some obscure sins or some past mistakes, we will begin to realize that each obstacle we encounter is just the right size – one that’s perfect to help us validate our own spirituality. When we accept that we are being taught something and not being unfairly punished, we will begin to open ourselves up to the valuable lessons that we need to become a better person.

The Universal Science of Cause and Effect

What you cause to happen will affect you whether you believe it or not. In simpler terms, it’s the law of reaping what you sow. If you planted good seeds, you will get a good harvest. It’s the law of nature; you can’t twist it or bend it. It happens exactly the way it says.

Your thoughts actually cause your reality; hard as it is to believe. Consider all the dominant negative thoughts that you’ve been carrying with you before you became aware of your own spirituality. Is there someone you think of as a nuisance because this person is always in your face and meddling in your affairs? Ever considered thinking different thoughts about this person just to see if your new positive thoughts affect the way this person behaves towards you? Do you feel that you always get the shorter end of the stick at the office, even if you’re the one putting in all the work? What if you suddenly shift your focus from getting shortchanged to being appreciated for a job well done?

Your positive thoughts will not only make you feel better, you will possibly attract the same vibes from your colleagues and bosses as well. Treating life, people and ourselves the way we want to be treated will result in a positive flow of energy from you to your environment – and vice versa.

When you start to believe that you get exactly what you give to the Universe, you will begin to be more aware of everything that you do, every word that you say and every thought that you think.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Spiritual Explorations and Personal Growth by mehdi jaffari

Spiritual Explorations and Personal Growth

We sometimes become so immersed in our daily routines and hectic schedules that we lose ourselves in the process. When we look at the mirror, we see the image of someone whom we know to be part of ourselves, but we also know it to be superficial – someone who appears happy, on the surface, but somehow lacking in an indefinable way. Perhaps what we have lost is more important than what we seem to think is important?

Indeed, you may have all the material wealth the world can offer but you will never feel fulfilled unless you’re living a life that is in harmony with your beliefs and your inner self. So before you go off searching for that thing which you think will finally make you feel happy, go on a spiritual journey of self discovery.

When we talk about spirituality, we’re not talking about it in the traditional context. In the old days, spirituality is closely associated with religion. Today, however, spirituality has grown beyond religion. It has become personal rather than institutional. It now involves personal beliefs and is deeply integrated into a person’s life.

Discovering Beyond Childhood

Some people go through their lives not knowing what will truly make them happy, while others seem to be very adept at knowing their own happiness and inner peace and love simply radiates from them.

We go through life carrying certain beliefs about everything under the sun – from religion to politics that we have inherited from our parents. The way we were brought up plays a crucial role in the development of our personalities and our spiritual growth. For some people, going beyond what they have been taught as children is not an option. Thus, they live the rest of their lives never really knowing whether there’s something beyond their childhood beliefs.

Don’t you want to find out if there’s something more, something better that you can take with you as you journey through life?

We become stagnant and our personal growth stunted when we refuse to go beyond what we have been taught. As children we were taught that doing certain things result in certain consequences, but these did not stop us from trying all kinds of forbidden things. We were more daring because we wanted to find out for sure if what we were told was correct. Sometimes they were; sometimes the consequences weren’t as grave as we had been told.

When we grew up, we became more cautious. We stick to what we have been taught and what we have learned from childhood because we don’t want to risk getting hurt, rejected, fired from our jobs, or be ridiculed by society.

Spirituality and Society

Society has become more accepting of individuality and non-conformity. This age of self-discovery has taught us to respect other people despite differences in spirituality, color and culture. Now is therefore the best time to explore our own spirituality. We are no longer constrained by the social boxes that confined our ancestors. Today, thinking and living out of the box is encouraged. The only law to which we must abide is the law of humanity. As long as you are not hurting anybody (yourself included) in your process of spiritual discovery, you can live your life the way you want to.

We are only limited by our own understanding and beliefs. But this limitation does not constrain us, and its presence doesn’t mean we cannot live life to the fullest. It actually helps you define how you want to live your life, regardless of anybody’s opinion. Once again, for as long as you are abiding by the law of humanity, you are free to just be.

Defining your own Spiritual Explorations

Thousands of books have been written on how to awaken inner spirituality and discover the Self. While these books can help individuals discover and be true to their inner selves, they are just guides. They do not prescribe nor set the rules of spiritual discovery. You can (and are in fact encouraged to) make up your own processes as you go along.

As spiritual guides, these books can be very useful. Reading these books will give you different perspectives on different levels of spirituality. However, not going beyond what you find in these books’ pages actually defeats your purpose. After all, you are on the road to self discovery but you refuse to listen to what your Self is telling you.

The Wonders of Self-Discovery

We have met people who say that, for the first time in their lives, they have finally come to realize what will truly make them happy. For the first time, they feel alive and vibrant and excited just to be alive.

These are the people who have gone beyond their childhood beliefs in the hope of discovering something more meaningful. What they have discovered is that the things they have long thought would give them happiness – a good job, their own house, expensive cars, wonderful kids, etc – are consequences of a truly happy life and not the source of happiness.

What they have discovered is that genuine happiness lies within them and it’s been within their reach all along. It just got buried under all the emotional baggage that they have accumulated through the years; and it was forgotten due to their preoccupation with chasing after material things.

When you discover this for yourself, you will find that what used to be so important to you in the past is no longer as important.

Let’s suppose that you believe your happiness lies in being well-liked by your co-workers. To achieve this, you do all the dirty tasks they don’t want to do, smile at everyone you pass in the hallway, bring cookies and cake on your birthday, and invite them to weekend barbecues. In the end, you’ll probably be very popular. But do your co-workers really like you or do they really just like the free barbecue? You’ll never know for certain. What’s certain is that some of them genuinely like you, but some of them probably don’t. It is pretty certain, too, that you will never be completely happy in this case.

If, however, you have discovered the source of true happiness, you will probably act differently. You may still do all of the above things, but not because your happiness lies in being well liked. It will not break your heart to learn that some of your co-workers really just don’t like you; that’s not your problem, it’s theirs.

The wonderful thing about self-discovery and personal growth is that what other people say about you will no longer matter. You’ll find that you are not so easily affected by external forces that used to bother you all the time. Ironically, once you find your Self and true source of happiness, all other things that you used to obsess about – financial security, popularity, etc. – will automatically follow.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Spiritual Awareness for a Better Life by mehdijaffari

Spiritual Awareness for a Better Life

When you turn on the television or read the papers, you will notice the universal state of lack and want. People do not have enough resources to feed their families; there are not enough jobs, not enough food, not enough of this, and not enough of that. What there doesn’t seem to be any lack of, however, are the fights and the wars, hatred, cultural and social discriminations, antipathy and the lot. The media is said to be a barometer of what we find interesting; if this is true, then we must find focusing on the negative fascinating and we must also acutely miss what we lack.

From the same media that keeps telling us about the how much we lack, we will also hear about the people who have won in the lottery, those who struck oil in their backyards and those who are so materially rich they can do anything they wish. Then we start to daydream about how it would feel if we were in their place, if we were the ones blessed with so much wealth.

Unfortunately, if we keep on daydreaming about becoming wealthy, then the only place where we could be really wealthy is in our dreams! Furthermore, if we keep thinking that other people are more blessed than us, we will fail to be grateful for and appreciative of what we already have. Why then would the Universe give us more?

Spirituality will teach us that we have more than enough; that we are not lacking in any areas in our lives; and that more will come at the right time.

The Grateful Attitude

Being grateful for what we have is the first step to becoming aware of our spirituality. Our spirits are our inner selves. We usually ignore them until we are faced with the inevitable lesson. Then, we can go on with our old ways or we can face up to our spirituality and recognize that the spiritual life is the only way to go from then on.

Awakening our spirit means paying more attention to our inner voice – our conscience, gut feel, intuition, our genuine Self. We should let go of all our past notions about the world we live in and the people in it. We should start with a clean slate and start looking at the positive side of life in spite of our present situations.

This is a very hard task for someone who has been used to living a certain way. Thus, the first step is crucial. During this first step, all you need to do is be grateful for what you already have. Do you have a partner who nags you all the time? Be grateful that he or she is there to remind you about your responsibilities.

When you start becoming grateful for everything – for the tiniest of blessings and even the very things that hurt you – you will be surprised to see the change in yourself. What used to hurt you will no longer have the power to hurt you. At this point, you will have accepted that not everyone looks at life the same way. Your perceptions differ from others; hence, disagreements are inevitable. Nevertheless, you will also realize that you can disagree with someone on something without being disagreeable. This means you will no longer take things personally. You do not associate the issue to the person’s perception of you.

Shifting Your Focus on the Positive

The world has enough negativity. You are not helping things by contributing your own negative vibes to it. If you look around you, you are sure to find at least ten things you’re not happy about, whether it is something as trivial as the color of your shirt or the wrong time on the clock.

The point is if you focus on the negative in things and situations, you will be sure to find them. You know the expression, “don’t go borrowing trouble?” That’s exactly what you will be doing. The more you look for the negative, the more you will see it and the more dissatisfaction you will feel as a result. Start with one complaint and, before the end of the day, you will have complained countless times over so many unimportant matters.

If you look for the positive, however, you will realize how good a life you actually have. You’ll notice that just by focusing on the positive side of things – even if everyone else says things are a total disaster – you’ll notice that you feel lighter and better. You will begin to see life in a new light and you will begin to view each day as a gift that’s full of positive things and great possibilities. This paradigm shift will help you become more aware of all the wonderful things and wonderful people in your life. You will also begin to realize that you do not need anything more than what you already have.

Be Forgiving of Others and Yourself

When you’re on your spiritual quest, you will find that sometimes, you can’t keep up. At such times, you may give in to your anger or negativity. Should this happen, do not berate yourself for being weak or losing your focus. As long as you don’t wallow in the negativity and lose all that you have gained, then nothing is lost. Just forgive yourself for slipping, forget about the whole thing and get back on track. Nothing will make you go back to your old ways faster than slipping and never forgiving yourself for it.

As you forgive yourself, learn to forgive others, too. Forgive those who have made it rather hard for you to stay on track and those who tempt you to do things you ought not to be doing anymore. Being compassionate towards other people is the ultimate challenge of your spiritual journey. What good is living everything according to your spiritual beliefs if you can’t do it in that one area where it counts the most – loving your neighbours as you love yourself?

We are all spiritual beings. Each of us is on our own quest to answer the call of our own spirits. However, we are on different stages of our spiritual journey. Therefore, your spiritual maturity may not match those of the people around you.

Gratitude, forgiveness and compassion are three gifts that you have to carry with you as you go on your spiritual journey. They will make it easier for you to keep yourself on your path to spiritual growth.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Make Time to Listen to Your Spirit by mehdi jaffari

Make Time to Listen to Your Spirit by mehdi jaffari

Living in today’s world has made it so easy for us to multi-task. Technological advancements have simplified the way we communicate, do our business, get entertained, and run a household at the same time.

While these advanced gadgets and tools have helped us create a balance in our lives, we haven’t fully used these to our advantage. Contrary to popular belief, what these technological advancements have really done is make us crave that which we don’t need, especially financial and material wealth.

In the process, we have lost perspective on what truly matters in our life: family, friends and contentment. We live in a fast world – fast cars, fast career advancements, fast food – that we no longer have time “to smell the roses,” so to speak.

We shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, if we find ourselves unhappy and unfulfilled despite our material achievements. We want to have the perfect spouse, perfect children and perfect jobs, but wanting perfection in an imperfect world will only leave us wanting and looking but never finding.

The Cosmic Law of Attraction

What we can do however is to realize that whatever is happening in our lives, whoever we are sharing it with, we have willed and asked for. We attract that which we most think about.

People have been talking about the laws of attraction and how they work in our lives, and how they can make things happen whether we like it or not. Have you ever wondered why, when you are feeling angry about something, more things usually happen to make you even angrier?

That’s the law of attraction at work and this cosmic law begins with the self. If you’ve made a decision that today will be a productive and abundant day, you’ll find that your phone will be ringing off the hook with business proposals and money-making ventures. If you hold on to this belief long enough and hard enough; and you sincerely believe in it without an inch of doubt, sooner or later, positive things will unfold before you in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.

Letting Go of Old Negative Thought Patterns

Thought patterns are those that are dominant in our subconscious minds, whether we believe them or not. For instance, if we hold the belief that there’s just not enough time to do everything we need to do; well then, you have just made manifest your dominant thought pattern.

You will find yourself always pressed for time no matter how much ahead of time you started on a project. Before you finish it, something else will crop up that will need your undivided attention and then something else again will come up until you find yourself neck-deep in things that you need to do all at the same time.

In like manner, if you find that you’re always too busy to start thinking about taking a break and giving your spirituality its much-needed attention, you will never find the time to do it. Thinking that you are always too busy, that you can’t leave anything alone and that you have no time to take a rest is one of the surest ways of making sure that you don’t have time for a break.

If you always have a sob story to tell, when you feel that other people are always taking advantage of you and that you are always being emotionally and psychologically abused by the people around you, you shouldn’t be surprised if these things actually happen and you get a new sad story to tell. And if you have the loser thought pattern characterized by an unshakeable belief that you were born a loser, a failure and you won’t win and succeed in anything – you will always lose and fail whatever you do.

It’s our thought patterns that define how our lives are going to unfold. We are only validating what we truly believe. So if you believe in negativity and believe that nothing but bad things can happen to you – nothing but bad things will happen to you.

Internal Awareness and Self-Love

It is not conceit to love the self. Love in the truest sense includes self-respect. If you love yourself, you invite the same respect from other people. Being aware of your inner self is the main ingredient in keeping your spirituality intact amidst a seemingly chaotic world.

It’s the positive and genuine strength within you that empowers you to be the best that you can be in all areas of your life. When tragedy strikes (e.g. if you lose your job) you should not go back to your negative thought patterns and to the belief that something wrong always happens to you.

If you can do that, your spirituality will emerge and you will realize that there must be something better waiting for you out there and your old job was actually holding you back from it. You will see the positive in everything, even in negative people or circumstances.

You must understand however, that achieving this kind of spirituality doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of hard work for you to get in touch with your inner spirituality.

Bumps in the Road

When you are on the path of internal awareness and spirituality, know that you may be challenged by external forces along the way. These bumps in the road are not meant to obscure your path to spirituality. They are mere challenges that can actually speed up your spiritual growth if you handle them properly and in a positive light.

The challenge lies in not being led astray by the world while you’re in your course of self-discovery and spirituality. It may be easy to give up, but if you hold on and become steadfastly focused on your goal, all your hard work will be rewarded when you reach that inner core of spirituality. The victorious feeling you will experience will be beyond words. And you will find that, above anything and anyone else, it’s your self and your spirituality that will serve you true all your life.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist One Mind, One Body, One Spirit

One Mind, One Body, One Spirit

People who radiate love and inner peace are beautiful. They may not be physically beautiful, but their inner beauty will shine through and you will love being in their presence. Such people have a certain magnetism and charm that’s very hard to ignore. Have you ever wondered how they got to be that way, what their secret is? by mehdi jaffari

These people, if you notice, don’t necessarily drive the most expensive cars or own several mansions, but you won’t see any dissatisfaction in them. However, it will be glaringly apparent that they are living abundant lives. You will probably feel inadequate despite all your material achievements and you will be conscious of everything you lack in your own life, realizing that even if you are living the life that poor men dream about, you’re still not happy.

Synchronicity in Your Life

You feel that you are doing everything you can possibly do to make things work at home, in the office and in every area of your life; however, nothing seems to be working as you have planned. Consequently, you do one of two things: you stop doing your best because it doesn’t seem to matter anyway; or you keep on searching for answers as to why, despite all your efforts, your life is still a mess.

Take your health, for instance. You don’t smoke, don’t drink, you have a regular exercise regimen, and you basically live a healthy lifestyle. Then you get the surprise of your life when your doctor tells you that you have a heart condition! You can’t get over the shock. You don’t believe it. How can this happen to you?

You could be living a healthy lifestyle, but your mind may not completely agree with you. You’re stressed all the time because of pressures at work. In effect, your body is actually overworked and overstressed even if your mind refuses to accept it. Your mind may be telling your body that you are healthy, but if what you think is not in sync with reality – i.e. your body is overstressed, lacks rest and is overworked – your body will not be able to follow what your mind dictates.

Putting order into your life is important because as your environment becomes organized, your life will become more so. You will find that someone who is very organized at work – he files papers neatly away in color-coded and labeled folders – also has a very well-kept house and well-organized life.

Your life reflects the way you act. So if you can’t be bothered to clean, don’t be surprised by the mess – and you will see this mess no matter how hard your mind tells your eyes not to notice.

The Power of the Paradigm Shift

Let’s say you have a daily prayer habit. You are very close to God and you go to church on Sundays and even on special Holidays. Nevertheless, your life is far from wonderful. You struggle with your finances, you can barely make ends meet and, in fact, you’re always late paying bills. You pray about it and ask for Divine help, but no help comes. What are you doing wrong?

As a child, you were probably taught that sufferings and sacrifices are necessary if you are to receive blessings. So you actually think the current state of affairs is okay; you’ll receive your blessings after you have suffered enough, right? Ironically, the very belief on which your hope for success is based may be the very thing that is keeping success perpetually out of your reach.

Your belief system (your paradigm for happiness and success) tells you that, in order to be happy, you have to suffer first. It is true that you have to work hard and, in a sense, make some sacrifices if you want to reach your goals. However, you don’t have to stop yourself from being happy just because your belief system says that you have to be miserable first.

Let me put it differently. You may have to make some sacrifices if you wish to succeed in life. For instance, you won’t always be able to attend your son’s ball games because you’ll have to work late; you won’t be able to go on that long vacation as you planned because you have to use the money for something more important. These sacrifices may make you miserable, all right, but the misery is not necessary – only the sacrifices are. Unfortunately, some people automatically equate sacrifice with misery.

Our own paradigms are probably not obvious. In fact, you are probably thinking of the analogy above as nothing more than some trite psych claptrap. “How can any sane person believe that misery is a prerequisite for success and happiness?” you ask. However, you forget that the beliefs we have now are probably what we were taught when we were young. They may not be apparent at the conscious level, but they are nonetheless there in our “programming” (i.e. subconscious) and, as such, they may be influencing our current actions.

It is necessary to acknowledge the presence of inaccurate paradigms before we can shift to the correct one. After realizing how your childhood programming (e.g. you have to work very hard for every dollar; money is hard to come by; you have to make sacrifices and be miserable to be happy) is now affecting your life and actually making it hard for you to achieve your goals. You should start believing something else, preferably something empowering.

Creating Balance in Your Life

In order to achieve a “Body, Mind & Spirit” harmony, you have to work on each of these three areas of your life then blend all three together to create the perfect balance. Excelling in one area is not enough to give you the kind of abundant and happy life that you want and deserve. When the balance scale is tipped to one side, the other suffers and you are not living in harmony with the Universe.

Remember that the Universe, Divine Being or Higher Power plays no favourites. It’s how you’ve been living your life that has been bringing all the good things or bad things into it. When you learn not to blame anything or anyone for what is happening to your life, and look within yourself for answers; you will find that, much to your surprise, you have the power to create your life just the way you want it.

Of course, you will encounter circumstances that you may have no control over such as natural calamities and economic meltdowns. However, you can choose how to react to these events and how you will let these affect your life. It’s not what happens but how you choose to react to that which will determine how productive and how fulfilled your life becomes. They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I say put a little sugar in it and pour them in wine glasses for a full effect!

When you’ve mastered the balancing act of ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’, people will look at you and notice that you radiate love and peace just like others you’ve so admired before. When your whole being is in harmony, everything in your life will be harmonious, too.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Spiritual Self-confidence by mehdi jaffari

Spiritual Self-confidence

Many people have problems with lack of self-confidence and this can affect life in different but major areas, depending on the individual. If you’re not able to recognise the beauty within yourself, you’re always in conflict about what you think and what others think about you. This can cause unhappiness & issues in your personal life and certainly jealousy towards friends or the opposite sex around your partner, even with people you don’t know!

It doesn’t matter if we’re tall, short, fat, or thin, pretty or ugly, black or white, rich or poor. We all have different expectations based on our lives and we all deserve happiness.

From years of Spiritual experience helping people in this diverse area, I found the answer using a special power and strong energy in a potion for both men and women that I named “surgery without the knife”. This spiritual potion that I make individually for people gives them the self confidence to move forward in life, makes them aware of their inner beauty, they feel vibrant, younger, and more desirable and others around notice something completely different.

For more information, please phone or email for a consultation.

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