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International Counsellor & Life Coach

Mehdi is renowned for his experience in mainstream and spiritual areas to facilitate and identify problematic situations.  Helps resolve issues through unique and profound understanding and exceptional methods of communicating and teaching, which has proved invaluable over the years.  Acknowledging everyone’s personality and background is unique, Mehdi assists people to determine and achieve personal goals.  He teaches methods of processing individual action plans; develop strategies and importantly, how to attain insight of empowerment.

Master of Body, Mind & Spirit

Mehdi’s exceptional understanding in this beautiful and diverse area is enjoyed and admired by many.  His extraordinary life is filled with a multitude of unique experiences, giving him deep insight of how the body, mind and spirit are all interlinked for a divine purpose.  Through this powerful connection, Mehdi successfully helps people seeking healing and spiritual enrichment.

Creator of ‘Tools for Life’, Australia’s Best Selling Life-Changing Series of DVDs

Using a lifetime of experiences, Mehdi works closely with his wife and a dedicated team to continue producing and directing his unique and successful series of DVDs called ‘Tools for Life’.  These DVDs provide everyday people with easy-to-follow techniques and tools to help understand and deal with difficult situations in life, as well as inspirational ways to implement important changes through meditation.

Leech Therapist

Mehdi brings his experience in leech therapy from the Middle East, where leeches were used for generations to assist and heal numerous diseases.  In Australia, Mehdi is known for being the first leech therapist to use his methods of treatment in cardiovascular and vascular disease, the developed world’s leading cause of death.


Mehdi shares the importance of understanding a deeper level of our inner-self, which enhances our relationships with others, our family and raising our children.

Mehdi and his wife

Mehdi and his wife Tracy

Today, Mehdi lives in Australia, enjoying time with his English wife and extended family; a proud husband, father and grandfather.  Born in 1955, Mehdi has travelled extensively, helping countless people throughout the countries he has lived in.

He has a natural ability to recognize and help individual situations, which is instinctive with his principles of changing and saving lives.

Mehdi’s parents recognized his unique ability of identifying people in need as early as 5 years old during holidays to his elderly grandmother in Hamadan, during Iran’s harsh winter months. Mehdi struggled in difficult weather conditions to collect water for his grandmother from the closest stream situated more than a kilometer away and after delivering her supplies, he would take it upon himself to return to the same area over the following weeks to help other elderly people he noticed having trouble and offered to carry their water back to their homes.

During family vacations, Mehdi is often recognized and approached for help.  He generously puts aside time to assist in transforming and restoring familes, providing healing, spiritual restoration and direction for happier, healthier lives. 

Healing during family vacation in Fiji

Healing during family vacation in Fiji

Mehdi is an amazing man!  He is honest, courageous and unafraid of being brutally frank about the good, the bad and the ugly in his own life, because he acknowledges life is a very precious gift and his experiences have made him who he is today.  He feels privileged to have helped so many people around the world and it is always Mehdi’s honour and duty to use his knowledge to help others. 

Total confidentiality is always provided to clients and all testimonies are with client’s permission.

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