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New York Times – Health Section / Medical Leeches

Surgery without the knife” is a term used to describe Mr Jaffari’s 40 years of work and experience treating diseases and ailments with Medical Leeches (Hirudotherapy).

An example of some of the most serious diseases Mr Jaffari treats that effects many people in the US and around the world is Cardiovascular and Vascular disease, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Strokes; and Circulation problems mainly associated with Diabetes, which left untreated often results in amputation. Some of the most common ailments treated are migraine, back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI, Arthritis and sporting injuries.

Mr Jaffari has always been dedicated in educating the public about medical leech therapy and the benefits. The New York Times is known to be a trusted platform.

In my research, I found two dedicated Times Health Reporters known in covering exciting, unusual and sometimes controversial subjects in the area of health. I therefore felt it was appropriate in being transparent and respectfully copying this email to both reporters. I would appreciate your professional opinions of reporting this fascinating subject with the view of empowering the general publics knowledge of medical leech therapy; an alternative natural choice of treatment available.

About Mr Jaffari:

Mr Jaffari is founder and director of Life Clinic Hirudotherapy and Healing Ltd and President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates. His authority in this field is respectfully recognized as an International Leech Therapy Specialist with over 40 years of experience. He also has a 2008 examined and approved Australian Innovation Patent in the method of “Using leeches for Cardiovascular and Vascular Disease’. Mr Jaffari’s Auckland based Clinic is the only New Zealand Clinic treating local and international clients for a number of major health issues using medical leeches.

For more information of Mr Jaffari’s fascinating work, I invite you to view

Further information, Video Testimonials, radio appearances and printed media can be viewed on the Home page and from the Index of the website.

More video testimonials can also be viewed on YouTube at the following link:

and the following link on facebook “Mehdi Jaffari Leech Therapy Specialist”

It would be a pleasure for Mr. Jaffari to educate the US general public regarding Medicinal Leech Therapy through a phone interview with the New York Times.

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