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Leech Therapy Courses Available in NZ and Australia for more info call life clinic AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND 09 4191694

Leech Therapy Courses NOW Available In
Auckland, New Zealand & Melbourne, Australia
Applications for Courses No.1 and No.2

Course Fees: AU$2,000 each

Early bookings are advised as seats are limited due to demand

Dates: Course No.1 – 02/09/2011 to 06/09/2011 in Melbourne, Australia 
 Course No.2 – 07/09/2011 to 11/09/2011 in Melbourne, Australia 

 Course No.1 – 23/09/2011 to 27/09/2011 in Auckland, New Zealand 

 Course No.2 – 28/09/2011 to 02/10/2011 in Auckland, New Zealand

Mr. Mehdi Jaffari, President of International Leech Therapy
Institute of Associates & En Ab. Azid Bin Che Ibrahim;
Executive Director of PUSMAL University of Malaya
We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Malaysian Graduates Entrepreneurship Centre [PUSMAL], University Malaya and Mr. Mehdi Jaffari; President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates c/o LCHH NSW Australia.

Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing is Internationally distinguished through the work of owner/director Mehdi Jaffari and his knowledge of Leech Therapy, which spans for more than 40 years. His clinics in Australia and New Zealand draw people from around the world seeking the amazing benefits of natural leech therapy.

Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing understands the importance of educating people and Mr. Jaffari’s Leech Therapy courses have been created to teach and enable others to continue his vision of helping people around the world using methods of natural leech therapy.

Course No. 1
Successful Students

Back Pain

■Upper back pain
■Lower back pain
■Neck pain
Course No. 2

Eye Problems

■Periorbital Hematoma [black eyes]
Ear/Hearing Problems

■Sudden Hearing Loss
■Otitis Media

■Cerebral Palsy
■Brain Injuries
Successful Students
For more information on enrolments, please contact the following:

Tracy Jaffari for all Auckland Course Enquiries
Manager of Life Clinic Head Office New Zealand
Ph: +649 419 1694
Mobile: +64 210 366 062


Omid Jaffari for all Melbourne Course Enquiries
Manager of Life Clinic Head Office Melbourne, Australia
Mobile: +61 435 751 418

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Leech Therapy Courses New Zealand and Australia also available in Malaysia.


As President of International Leech Therapy Association NZ, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing.

I refer to all areas in my profession as ‘Tools for Life’ and Leech Therapy is another amazing ‘Tool’ available to all of us as a Natural Gift of Nature.  With over 40 years of experience, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and provide this through my Leech Therapy Courses, which includes information of Health Benefits that can impact people’s lives as discussed throughout this website and many of my media interviews. 
I’m committed to my Vision of Introducing and Teaching people around the world about all areas of Natural Therapy and Health Benefits using Leeches.  Through the Collaboration between Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing and PUSMAL University of Malaya, my Courses, which are currently accessible in New Zealand and Australia, are also available in Malaysia.   
I welcome everyone interested in learning about Leech Therapy and for further education in this area to contact me.  I also encourage NEW Collaborations from Universities and Companies worldwide interested in organising and co-ordinating Venues for Leech Therapy Courses in their country.  Your interest and queries are welcomed, so please don’t hesitate to email me directly at or contact the Life Clinic through the on-line Form at the bottom of the ‘Leech Therapy Courses’ page found on
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leeches neck pain Leech Therapy courses australia & Malaysia

Leech Therapy courses are NOW available  Malaysia
 Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing and is organising Leech Therapist Mr. Mehdi Jaffari to begin training courses in  Malaysia during

Course No. 1 AVAILABLE NOW:mehdis blog leech thrapy in new zealand

■Upper back pain
■Lower back pain
■Neck pain

Placements are limited and filling quickly, so please contact for further details.

Course Date To Be Advised
Contact Course Manager
Company Phone and Fax Number 09 419 16 94 new zealand
Cell Phone Number  
Company Email Address

leeches neck pain

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist LEECH THERAPY COURSES NOW AVAILABLE

It’s our pleasure to announce Leech Therapy Courses are now available throughout Australia and internationally.

Courses and Training Objectives

Each Course provides in-depth information covering specific health areas for people wishing to learn how to treat patients using Leech Therapy.

  • Upon ordering each course, study information will be forwarded to assist in gaining an understanding of each health area listed. Any queries can be sent to Mr. Jaffari by email, or a phone consultation can be arranged.
  • After understanding the study information, each course will require a minimum of two week’s training under Mr. Jaffari’s supervision. [conditions apply]
  • Upon completion of studying the Course & Modules, as well as undertaking two week’s training, a Training Certificate will be presented. Each Course will then require a minimum of a further three month’s hands-on experience, whereby a Full Qualification Certificate can then be applied for and granted under Mr. Jaffari’s supervision. [conditions apply]
  • Course Prices: AU$1,500 each. Includes Training Certificate & Full Certificate.

Contents Of Initial Course Study Information
(provided by email, post or fax)

  • The History of Leech Therapy
  • Overview of Each Course and Modules
  • Benefits of Leech Therapy Relating to Each Course
  • Safety in Using Leeches
  • Equipment Required to set up a Clinic
  • Regulated Disposal of Leeches After use
  • Patient Information of Leech Therapy
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Patient Assessment Forms During Therapy
  • Questions & Answers Available by Email or Phone Consultation

Contents of Training

  • Handling of Leeches
  • Safety in Using Leeches
  • Learning About the Placement of Leeches
  • Understanding the Quantity of Leeches Used for Each Health Area
  • Frequency of Treatments for Different Situations
  • Dressing Procedures and After Care Following Therapy
  • Questions & Answers During Training

Course No. 1

  1. Arthritis
    • Knee
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Hand
    • Ankle
    • Hip
  2. Back Pain
    • Upper back pain
    • Lower back pain
    • Neck pain

Course No. 2

  1. Migraine
  2. Eye Diseases
  3. Ear and Hearing Problems
  4. Brain
    • Infantile Cerebral Palsy and Other.

Course No. 3

  1. Venous Disease
    • Spider Veins
    • Varicose Veins
  2. Diabetes
  3. Skin Disease
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Gum Disease

Course No. 4

  1. Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Vascular Disease
  3. Gynaecological Disorders: Infertility, Endometriosis

Our Clinic welcomes Organisers from different countries who are interested in co-ordinating Courses and Venues.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for any further information.

NB: Dates of Courses held in Malaysia will be notified.

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Post Code:
Confirmation of Email:  
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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Leech Therapy Courses Available

leeches leech mehdi leech therapist

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