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Leech Therapy Courses Available in NZ and Australia for more info call life clinic AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND 09 4191694

Leech Therapy Courses NOW Available In
Auckland, New Zealand & Melbourne, Australia
Applications for Courses No.1 and No.2

Course Fees: AU$2,000 each

Early bookings are advised as seats are limited due to demand

Dates: Course No.1 – 02/09/2011 to 06/09/2011 in Melbourne, Australia 
 Course No.2 – 07/09/2011 to 11/09/2011 in Melbourne, Australia 

 Course No.1 – 23/09/2011 to 27/09/2011 in Auckland, New Zealand 

 Course No.2 – 28/09/2011 to 02/10/2011 in Auckland, New Zealand

Mr. Mehdi Jaffari, President of International Leech Therapy
Institute of Associates & En Ab. Azid Bin Che Ibrahim;
Executive Director of PUSMAL University of Malaya
We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Malaysian Graduates Entrepreneurship Centre [PUSMAL], University Malaya and Mr. Mehdi Jaffari; President of International Leech Therapy Institute of Associates c/o LCHH NSW Australia.

Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing is Internationally distinguished through the work of owner/director Mehdi Jaffari and his knowledge of Leech Therapy, which spans for more than 40 years. His clinics in Australia and New Zealand draw people from around the world seeking the amazing benefits of natural leech therapy.

Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing understands the importance of educating people and Mr. Jaffari’s Leech Therapy courses have been created to teach and enable others to continue his vision of helping people around the world using methods of natural leech therapy.

Course No. 1
Successful Students

Back Pain

■Upper back pain
■Lower back pain
■Neck pain
Course No. 2

Eye Problems

■Periorbital Hematoma [black eyes]
Ear/Hearing Problems

■Sudden Hearing Loss
■Otitis Media

■Cerebral Palsy
■Brain Injuries
Successful Students
For more information on enrolments, please contact the following:

Tracy Jaffari for all Auckland Course Enquiries
Manager of Life Clinic Head Office New Zealand
Ph: +649 419 1694
Mobile: +64 210 366 062


Omid Jaffari for all Melbourne Course Enquiries
Manager of Life Clinic Head Office Melbourne, Australia
Mobile: +61 435 751 418

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Miracle of Leeches saving today’s medical problems by mehdi jaffari for more info call life clinic leech therapy AUCLAND NEW ZEALAND 094191694

Leeches Saved My Leg

Leeches Saved My Leg

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leeches leech mehdi leeches therapy Leeches, hirudotherapy NEW ZEALAND

Other factors that can lead to gum diseases are stresses and hormonal imbalances as well as medications that an individual takes.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Diseases

Healthy Gums

The most common indicator of gum diseases is gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Someone who has gingivitis will usually notice swelling in the gums, a bad taste in the mouth, bad breath and some bleeding of the gums. Further damage to the tissue is brought about by the bacteria�s production of enzymes and toxins, exposing the roots of the teeth or creating new cavities.

Medical Treatment of Gum Diseases

The most common treatment for gum disease is antibiotics, which treat the infection caused by the bacteria. Anti-inflammatory medications are also prescribed to decrease inflammation and swelling. The next course of action is scaling and the removal of plaque.

Leech Therapy for Gum Diseases

Gum Disease

Leeches are known to produce many beneficial enzymes and have been used for many years to effectively treat gum disease and promote healing. Anticoagulation agents increase blood flow in the gums, helping to flush away toxins and allow delivery of nutrients to the affected area. These anticoagulation agents also work wonders in dissolving blood clots that can form in the gums.

Other beneficial components are anti-inflammatory agents, which decrease swelling and inflammation of the gums. The saliva of the leech also contains antibacterial components that assist in reducing bacterial growth. Leeches, hirudotherapy NEW ZEALAND

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Roughly 600 leech species have been identified to date, but only about 15 are used in medicine. Leeches classified as “medicinal leeches”, Hirudo Medicinalis, in the narrower sense have been used to treat patients for centuries.

The first documented accounts of the use of Hirudo medicinalis for medicinal purposes date back to the time of Hippocrates. According to Sanskrit writings, Dhavantari, the father of Indian medicine, held nectar in one hand and a leech in the other. Leech therapy is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Paintings of medicinal leeches have been found in pharaohs tombs. The Solomon Parables also describe leech treatment use in ancient medicine. Leech therapy in Greek medicine can be found in the poem Alexipharmacia by Nicandros. Roman physician Galen classified leech terapy as a method for achieving healthy balance. Avicenna also used leeches for healing aids. In the past leeches have proved to be the most effective treatment in many cases. Leeches were especially useful in battle wound treatment. European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries imported over 100 million leeches every year to satisfy high demand.

Today, doctors use leeches for treating abscesses, painful joints, glaucoma, myasthenia, and to heal venous diseases and thrombosis. Medical leeches are used in plastic surgery, for improving brain circulation and for curing infertility.

The general indications for leech therapy are:
Inflammatory Reactions
Heart Diseases
Rheumatic Diseases
Tendovaginitis and Tendinitis
Venous Disease and Varicose Veins
Muscle Tension
Antidyscratic therapy ( blood purification and regeneration) of toxicoses and mental illnesses
Thrombosis and embolism
Passive congestions and spastic conditions
Vertebrogenic Pain Syndromes
Transudates and exudates

A simple principle lies at the heart of all hirudo-miracles. During the process of feeding, leeches secrete a complex mixture of different biologically and pharmacologically active substances into the wound. Hirudin is the best known component of leech saliva. Hirudin is sometimes used to describe all active substance in leech saliva. In reality, Hirudin refers only to one specific active substance in leech salive. Components of medicinal leech saliva that exert effects in the host’s body are:

Hirudin Inhibits blood coagulation by binding to thrombin
Calin Inhibits blood coagulation by blocking the binding of von Willebrand factor to collagen. Inhibits collagen- mediated platelet aggregation
Destabilase Monomerizing activity. Dissolves fibrin. Thrombolytic effects
Hirustasin Inhibits kallikrein, trypsin, chymotrypsin, neutropholic cathepsin G
Bdellins Anti-inflammatory. Inhibits trypsin, plasmin, acrosin
Hyaluronidase Increases interstitial viscosity. Antibiotic
Tryptase inhibitor Inhibits proteolytic enzymes of host mast cells
Eglins Anti-inflammatory. Inhibit the activity of alpha-chymotrypsin, chymase, substilisin, elastase, cathepsin G
Factor Xa inhibitor Inhibits the activity of coagulation factor xa by forming equimolar complexes
Complement inhibitors May possibly replace natural complement inhibitors if they are deficient
Carboxypeptidase A inhibitors Increases the inflow of blood at the bite site
Histaminelike substances Vasodilator. Increases the inflow of blood at the bite site
Acetylcholine Vasodilator
Anesthetics subsctance Anesthetic

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australia leech

australian medicinal leeches are used in Mehdi’s Sydney Clinic.  Visit  for more information.

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist vascular disease leech therapy

leeches leech mehdi leech therapist

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist ( HIRUDOTHERAPY Leeches For Sale

 For anyone experienced in leech therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us about purchasing leeches.

Please note the following guidelines must be met:

Leeches are not to be used more than once. Although a number of establishments and hospitals disgorge blood from leeches to use again on the same patient, particularly during the hibernation season when leeches are in short supply, we do not advise this practice as a leech cannot be fully disgorged, resulting in old blood remaining in the leeches stomach.

All used leeches and blood materials are to be disposed of as ‘contaminated waste’. 

Contact Us

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leeches leech mehdi leech therapist Leech Therapy Testimonial

leeches leech mehdi leech therapist

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