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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist new zealand leech therapy

Unfortunately, most of us are aware of someone who has suffered a stroke or heart attack and it would be easy to presume these problems only occur in the later part of people’s lives, but sadly that’s not always the case.  Cardiovascular and vascular disease for instance, is the number one cause of death in many countries and we are all aware that good diet and exercise helps reduce this risk and of course there are people like myself that have a high risk passed down through family genes, but not many people are aware that leech therapy is also a natural way of ‘preventative’ treatment.

Like many people, I had absolutely no idea I had cardiovascular disease, let alone an ‘advanced’ stage of disease, which would normally be observed in someone at least 20 years older than myself!  Without doubt, I was incredibly fortunate surviving four heart attacks in one day before surgeons found many of my arteries had serious narrowing or complete occlusion.

Through my years of experience in leech therapy and my sister’s recommendation as a specialist in this area, I achieved incredible results using leech therapy to treat my carotid arteries, left subclavian artery and general well-being.  I believe it’s important we give our blood a ‘cleanse’ and leeches have been used for this type of natural treatment for thousands of years.

Leeches shown during treatment
of varied conditions

You can see I have provided photos of blood expressed from leeches from various treatments.  The lighter red, clear blood is healthy, whereas the thick dark blood indicates a problem, usually also showing ‘bits and pieces’ – colestral and clots.  Nothing in western medicine is known to dissolve plaque, as my interventional cardiologist stated in an article provided to the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ [view press releases] but tests proved that after leech therapy, my blockages had been cleared.

Here at Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing, we use experience known from the past to bring health and wellbeing to the future, using leech therapy.

Generally speaking, as long as we feel well, we don’t always bother with preventative treatment and certainly, with vascular and cardiovascular disease being a number one killer, leech therapy is the most natural treatment available.

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist leeches new zealand

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Leech Therapy! leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist

I refer to all areas in my profession as ‘Tools for Life’ and Leech Therapy is another ‘tool’ available to all of us as a natural gift of nature.  I hope the information in these pages provides you with a greater understanding of these amazing creatures.

I’m aware many people are fearful of leeches for a variety of reasons.  Some, because they have experienced leeches attaching themselves to their feet and legs without permission whilst walking through small streams and rivers and others who have heard stories about slimy worm-like creatures!  Either way, it’s only through understanding the background and health benefits that leeches provide, that we can truly appreciate the amazing assistance they can offer our health.

Let’s first ask ourselves ‘how much do we know about our bodies?’  After all, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us in the next ten minutes, ten weeks or ten years!  We live day by day enjoying life and all that’s involved, whether it’s coping with work pressures, relationships, family life, taking time out on holiday, enjoying financial gain as well as facing debt……or anything else you can think of, it’s pretty straightforward – most of us lead busy lives and simply take our bodies for granted.

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist Anticoagulating Effects of Leeches MEHDI LEECH THERAPIST

The Benefits of Leech Therapy leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist and its Effects

Yes, leeches can be thought of as slimy and unattractive creatures, but ugly or not, they do serve a lot of medical purposes when it comes to us, humans.

Since ancient times, leeches were used to treat many illnesses and disease through bloodletting, a method where blood was drawn out in the hope that removing impure blood would heal the body. Believe it or not, leech therapy is sometimes the best alternative in treating illnesses, and even surpasses pharmacological treatments. Because of its healing effects to the human body, this traditional method of curing diseases is still thriving today.

Leeches shown during treatment

Leeches shown during treatment of
varied conditions

The Benefits of Leech Therapy

There are more than 600 species of leeches that have been identified, but only 15 of the species are used medically, so they are given a class of their own. They are classified as Hirudo Medicinalis or medicinal leeches.

Leech therapy has been used and is still in use for many diseases of the body. They are used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory processes. It is perfect for those with vascular (arterial and venous diseases), heart (ischemic diseases and hypertension), and lung problems (bronchitis and bronchial asthma). The medicinal leeches can also help in patients with pneumonia. The GI or gastrointestinal tract can also benefit from leech therapy, especially those who suffer from hepatitis, stomach ulcers, and pancreatitis, among others. Likewise, individuals with problems in their genitourinary system and gynecological disorders will also benefit greatly from leech therapy. Skin diseases like psoriasis, herpes, and eczema can also be treated with leech therapy. Other problems known to benefit from leech therapy are the eyes (example is glaucoma) and the brain (for infantile cerebral palsy).

Clot Dissolving Effects of Leeches

The action of destabilase is to break up any fibrins that have formed. It also has a thrombolytic effect, which can also dissolve clots of blood that have formed.

Blood expelled after different treatments

Blood expelled after different treatments

Anti-inflammatory Effects of Leeches

Bdellins is a compound in the leech�s saliva that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting trypsin as well as plasmin. It also inhibits the action of the acrosin. Another anti-inflammatory agent is the eglins.

Vasodilating Effects of Leeches

There are three compounds in the leeches� saliva that act as a vasodilator agent, and they are the histamine-like substances, the acetylcholine, and the carboxypeptidase A inhibitors. All these act to widen the vessels, thus, causing inflow of blood to the site.

Bacteriostatic and Anesthetic Effects of Leeches

The saliva of leeches also contains anesthetic substances which deaden pain on the site and also bacteria-inhibiting substances which inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Overall Effects to the Human Body

Medicinal leech grown to 13cm after treatment

Medicinal leech grown to 13cm
after treatment

Once the leeches attach themselves to the skin of the patient and start sucking blood, the saliva enters the puncture site and along with it the enzymes and compounds responsible for all these positive effects. Working together, they act to cure the disease present in the individual. Because of anticoagulation agents, the blood becomes thinner, allowing it to flow freely through the vessels. The anti-clotting agents also dissolve clots found in the vessels, eliminating the risk of them traveling to other parts of the body and blocking an artery or vein. The vasodilating agents help widen the vessel walls by dilating them, and this causes the blood to flow unimpeded, too.

Patients who suffer from pain and inflammation will feel relief from the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects of the leech’s saliva.

In the long run, leech therapy also helps to normalize the blood pressure of hypertensive individuals as well as lessen their risk of suffering from stroke and heart attacks. Blood circulation is also improved with leech therapy and it helps with the healing process of wounds, as well as wounds and lesions caused by diabetes. There is also a noticeable boost in the immune system’s function due to bacteriostatic agents.

Contraindication to Leech Therapy

Leech therapy is contraindicated to patients with HIV and AIDS. It is also not recommended to patients who are on immunosuppressive drugs. Leech therapy puts these patients at risk for bacterial sepsis, thus, worsening their conditions.

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist Leeches: What Do They Do?MEHDI LEECHES THERAPY NEW ZEALAND

Leeches: What Do They Do?leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist

What exactly do leeches do? I mean, aside from swimming around murky pools and sticking to people’s legs, what do they really do? Well, to answer this question, perhaps it’s best if we find out what exactly leeches are first.

What Are Leeches?

Leeches are what we call annelids. They comprise the subclass Hirudinea. There are three types of leeches, fresh water leeches, terrestrial leeches, and marine leeches. Most of them live in fresh water, but there are also those that prefer to live on land, particularly in low foliage or in rain forests. There are also some leeches that can be found in dry forests, but only in places where there is a bit of moisture. During the dry season, these leeches often burrow themselves in the ground, where they hibernate even without water. They simply shrivel up and become rigid and their bodies become very dry. If you sprinkle them with water, they recover completely within ten minutes.

Those that live in the water usually prefer bodies of water that are relatively slow moving and calm. A lot of leeches may also be found in murky waters, which makes them harder to spot.

Leeches, quite interestingly are hermaphrodites – meaning they’re both male and female. When they reproduce, one of them merely chooses to play the role of female and another chooses to play the role of male.

They Bite and They Suck BloodContrary to popular belief, most leeches don’t really rely solely on drinking blood. Some of them actually eat other invertebrates that are smaller than them, swallowing them whole. Some leeches can’t bite and are content to feed off decomposing bodies.Leeches that suck blood are called Haemophagic leeches, “Haemo” meaning blood and “Phago” meaning ‘to eat’. They attach themselves to their hosts only until they become full, after which, they will simply fall off and start digesting the blood they sucked out. These leeches suck blood through the anterior sucker which is composed of the first six segments of the invertebrate’s thirty four segments. It uses this ‘mouth’ to attach to the host. They also release some sort of anesthetic, which is the reason why you don’t feel the leeches when they bite. They then use suction and mucus to stay on their host. Once they open up a bite wound, they secrete an anti-clotting enzyme called Hirudin into the bloodstream so that blood will keep flowing. Sometimes, blood will continue to seep for hours after the leech has been removed, which is due to the anti-clotting enzyme in their saliva. While this may sound terrifying, being bitten by a leech isn’t deadly or dangerous.They’re not really the villains that popular media often portrays them to be. In fact, leeches are actually very harmless. The amount of blood lost due to a leech’s bite isn’t really significant and when they’re full (which doesn’t take long), they simply fall off and go on with their lives.

People who bushwalk and don�t want leeches to attach, despite being relatively harmless are known to touch them with a cigarette end or a lighted match to release their grip, or they pour carbonated drinks over the leech. However, doing this can cause the leech to vomit its stomach’s contents into the opening wound, thereby increasing the risk of infection. So, it’s best if possible to disable their suckers by using a fingernail under the narrower end of the leech and flick them off. Never try to tear them off or it’ll worsen the wound, cause the leech to regurgitate its stomach contents, and possibly leave a portion of the leech’s mouth on the skin.

They Also HealSome of the popular leeches are the European Medical Leech or the Hirudo Medicinalis and some congeners. These are the ones used in the field of Medicine for microsurgery, grafting, and for reconstructive surgery. In the past, these leeches were used to cure infections and for bloodletting. They were quite popular during the medieval ages because they were known to cure infections; in fact, they remained great options for treating infections until antibiotics were discovered.Doctors use leeches for microsurgery due to their ability of removing blood that has coagulated. They relieve venous congestion and muscle flaps. Leeches are also known to treat black eyes! Hirudin can be used to treat infections of the middle ear and is being tested as a systemic coagulant.When used for medical purposes, a leech is NEVER used to treat more than one person, as bacteria and viruses present in their former host can transfer to the new

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist Leech Therapy: Is It Safe For You

Leech Therapy: Is It Safe For You?leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist

Present a random stranger with a leech and he’ll most likely have disgust written all over his face. Tell him that you’re going to let the leech bite him and he’ll look at you as if you’ve given him a death threat. Indeed, people’s reactions to leeches today are quite exaggerated and it’s almost funny to see how people over react to this poor and simple creature with no backbone to speak of. All people would usually remember are blotched camping trips where skinny-dipping led to lots of screaming and thrashing around because their legs suddenly got decorated with little black bloodsuckers. But, really, leeches are relatively harmless – not only that, they’re also very useful.

Leeches shown during treatment

Leeches shown during treatment of
varied conditions

As you may have heard, the use of leeches in the field of medicine is widespread and very much accepted. They’re popular in the field of plastic surgery, especially for cases where grafting is quite difficult and also for reconstructive surgery. They’re also quite popular in microsurgery because of their ability to liquefy blood clots, thereby keeping the blood flowing and encouraging circulation.

But the idea of willingly letting a leech bite would be enough to make someone turn tail and run to the nearest exit. But really, leech therapy, aside from the minor inconveniences, is relatively harmless Of course, bites usually equate to pain and a leech’s bite is no exception, however, the pain that stems from a leech’s bite is slight. Some people say that it’s hardly noticeable and others say that it hurts as much as a wasp’s sting – but this is rather rare. The slight stinging sensation of a leech’s bite usually lasts for only about one to five minutes and after that, their natural local anesthetic effect kicks in. Usually, a patient’s pain is connected to their anxiety before the procedure, so simply put, the more you dread it, the more it hurts! So, the best thing is to try and distract yourself whenever leeches are applied and you probably won’t feel a thing

Itching on the site of the bite for the first few days is a common side effect of leech therapy. It’s not an allergic reaction, though people often mistake it to be so and it’s advised that the patient should be advised to avoid scratching the area because it delays wound healing. Local natural remedies for itching can be used, like cold moist wraps or vinegar wraps and if the itching is intense, antipruritic drugs like Fenistil ointment or an oral antihistamine can be used.

Blood Loss

Leeches are blood suckers, meaning that whenever they attach to your skin, they ingest some of your blood. Now, in the wild imaginations of people who abhor creepy crawly things, leeches can suck a person’s blood until the person shrivels up and dies, but of course, we know that this is really not the case! Leeches only suck about a teaspoon of blood and when they’re full, they naturally fall off. Of course leeches also have an enzyme called Hirudin in their saliva, which is an anticoagulant that is injected into a person’s bloodstream. However, blood may keep seeping several hours after the bite, which may cause some anxiety for the patient, but is nothing to worry about.


A leech’s body contains bacteria that may cause infection, but these microorganisms are easily killed by antibiotics, therefore it’s quite safe to use leech therapy.

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist History of Leeches NEW ZEALAND

The average person’s reaction to the leech is usually a resounding ‘eek’ of disgust! But while leeches do look the part of a ‘disgusting pest’, it doesn’t really deserve its reputation for being so. For one thing, leeches are very useful, especially in the field of medicine. Their ability to suck blood comes in very handy, especially when applied to open wounds where blood circulation is a problem and four thousand years have already passed since humans discovered that leeches can be used to treat wounds and other sicknesses. Of course, they’ve probably been scorned for more years than that but what does it matter? Today, these creatures are acknowledged by the medical community as one of the most useful little critters of all.

Use of these leeches in medicine started at about 2,000 B.C. with the physicians of Greece and Rome. They were also a staple part of the medicine cabinets of households during the medieval period, where leeches were used to treat all kinds of infections.

The popularity of using leeches in medicine suffered a slight decline and picked up in the 19th century when bloodletting was quite popular. They enjoyed some sort of Golden Age, where millions and millions of leeches were raised due to the belief that leeches were a ‘cure-all’ – a miracle treatment that could get rid of most diseases. Of course, this was understandable because people during that time used bloodletting to treat just about anything. However, leeches were good for local bloodletting, in other words, when a certain part of the body needed to be ‘bled’.

Medicinal Leeches

Leeches were used for anything from skin discolorations to boils; in fact, sometimes they were placed inside the mouth and even inside the throat! When using leeches in the throat, the physician used a leech-glass, although this wasn’t really very effective since patients often swallowed the little critters by accident! Whenever this happened, physicians would simply give the patient a glass of salt water. Sometimes, the doctor would also use another popular cure-all – wine. There were times when the leeches would refuse to drink from the puncture site, thus being ineffective, but physicians back then had a solution for this as well – they smeared blood, cream, or beer on the site and the leech would finally be enticed to do its thing.

Leeches were used in England, Scotland, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Romania, Algeria, and Egypt. It’s reported that in 1846, 30 million leeches were used in France and thirteen million leeches were used in London and Paris in just a single year! In America, leech farms were created so that they could produce their own and each day, a thousand leeches were sold, showing just how in demand these amazing invertebrates were at that time.

Patient holding one of their leeches
after treatment

But leeches weren’t just grown in farms, some people also tried to catch wild leeches using quite amusing methods. People would put pig blood in a glass and wade into the water or in muddy ditches with their trousers rolled up. They would patiently wait for the leeches to come and willingly let these little critters attach themselves to their legs. Once satisfied, the person would wade back to land and peel off the leeches. Those that were harvested were then sold off to the leech dealers. Leeches became so popular, their numbers started to decline due to over collection.

Ironically enough, it was those in the field of medicine who started to discredit leeches, choosing instead to rely on antibiotics and other medicines and by the end of the 19th century, the use of leeches for medicinal purposes once again faded into obscurity.

Recently, however, leeches have once again found their place in the field of medicine. They are now being bred in captivity in several institutions and leech farms are once again being created, but the use of leeches has become quite sophisticated. They�re not just used for anything, they are also used in the field of microsurgery and to release or drain the congested blood in some wound sites and are preferred in this area because of their precision. Plastic surgeons also use leeches to treat challenging skin grafts and most especially for reconstructive surgery.

Indeed, the use of leeches in history has dwindled and resurfaced quite a number of times and if anything should be proven by this, it’s that leeches indeed have a place in the field of medicine – disgusting though they may seem sometimes!

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist Specialists amazed by results from Hirudotherapy [Leech Therapy].

Cardiovascular disease, Australia’s leading cause of death. leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist

Specialists amazed by results from Hirudotherapy [Leech Therapy].

A good diet and healthy lifestyle did nothing to prevent Mehdi Jaffari from suffering four heart attacks one morning in September 2007, leading to an emergency angiogram and stenting procedure. Heart specialists discovered Mehdi had a number of areas showing significant narrowing in his arteries and he was very lucky to have survived.

“My life changed dramatically” Mehdi explains, “as an active person, rehabilitation was lengthy; I experienced pain in different parts of my body, reaction to medications, shortness of breath and problems walking more than 100 meters”.

Just Four months later, a routine angiogram confirmed his stent had become dangerously blocked and Mehdi was immediately admitted for life-saving heart bypass surgery.

Even though Mehdi enjoyed a healthy diet and lifestyle, there was a history of heart disease in his family. His surgeon recognized unusually advanced cardiovascular disease for his age of 52 years, which would normally be expected in an age group of 70 years or older. Significant disease was also noted in his left subclavian artery, as well as a narrowing in his left carotid artery, which was of particular concern and placed him in great risk of another heart attack or stroke, let alone the possibilities he wouldn’t survive an additional myocardial infarction.

“I contacted my sister in Iran who like me, has years of experience as a specialist in Hirudotherapy [leech therapy]” His sister urgently attempted to organize a flight to Australia, but her late arrival due to a lengthy visa application coincided just days before the arranged surgery, meanwhile, trying to source medical leeches proved difficult and time had run out…..Mehdi’s bypass went ahead After eventually sourcing medical leeches, Mehdi first worked on symptoms of pain and shortness of breath and it wasn’t long before he began to improve considerably.  “My previous active life returned and I felt great,” he said.

After experiencing so many benefits, Mehdi was keen to begin Hirudotherapy [leech therapy] on his diseased left carotid and subclavian arteries.

Various investigations before and after surgery indicated significant stenosis [narrowing] in his left vertebral and carotid arteries, which were of concern to specialists and required further investigation.  Undeterred by these disturbing results, Mehdi ordered more leeches to begin five days of intensive Leech Therapy before a pre-arranged CT Angiogram.

Five days later on July 3rd 2008, Mehdi’s results were studied by his vascular specialist.  Even more than Mehdi had hoped to achieve in a short time, his results showed there was no evidence of any narrowing.  Incredibly, after just five days, Mehdi’s previous history of detected left subclavian and carotid artery narrowing were now not identified. Mehdi’s cardiologist and a vascular specialist at RNS, aware Mehdi was using leeches, were surprised at the results.

“I’m highly surprised that he [Mehdi] improved so much in a short space of time,” Mehdi’s interventional cardiologist Peter Hansen commented during an interview printed in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 26th; and even though Mehdi’s cardiologist expressed a degree of scepticism in the possibility that perhaps the first scan ‘was over-estimated’ and the second scan ‘was under-estimated’, he still concluded, “perhaps it was a miracle and leeches do work, I am willing to keep an open mind on this because the results were impressive,” he continued, “nothing in Western medicine can make [plaque] disappear in a week, or indeed at all. Statins may reduce it but they rarely make it go away, so it’s very interesting.”Although leeches are used in many hospitals and private clinics around the world,” Mehdi explains, “I am recognized as the only Leech Therapist in Australia. It has been my pleasure to invent new and successful methods using Leech Therapy to treat Cardiovascular and Vascular diseases [heart disease], which is a major problem in developed countries. It’s such a shame the general public has not been provided with more information about these miraculous creatures.”

Leeches have been used for thousands of years and recognised for their benefits; widely used in Europe, America and many other countries around the world.  In June 2004, the US FDA not only approved leeches for therapy, but an application from French firm Ricarimpex to market leeches for medicinal purposes was granted.

Mehdi’s profession covers conventional and spiritual areas.  Renowned for his knowledge of the body, mind and spirit, he embraces natural healing, spiritual healing, energizing and Leech Therapy, helping thousands of people from around the world for over three decades.

Cardiovascular disease affects more than 3.5 million Australians and is one of Australia’s leading health problems, killing one person every ten minutes.  Mehdi is passionate about helping others suffering this disease and is also investigating how leeches can help disadvantaged countries with little or no medical care.  “Leech therapy has given me a new lease of life,” he says “and enables me to continue my commitment in helping others.”

Media contact: Tracy Jaffari.

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist LIFE CLINIC HIRUDOTHERAPY & HEALING LIFE CLINIC HIRUDOTHERAPY & HEALING


LIFE CLINIC HIRUDOTHERAPY & HEALING leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist


For a consultation, phone 4191694
send an email to

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist Leech Therapist – New Addition to Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing new zealand

Leech Therapist – New Addition to Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing new zealand

Suzie Griffiths is a language lecturer by profession. Today, she is a qualified Leech Therapist, trained under the supervision of Mr. Mehdi Jaffari. Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing is proud to introduce Suzi as part of the team in treating people with this wonderful Natural Therapy.


Suzi made an appointment to see Mehdi after suffering injuries from a car accident in 1999, where her car was written off. For approximately 11 years, Suzie suffered constant pain in areas of her back and neck region due to the effects of whiplash.

After trying many avenues within Sports Therapies and Natural Therapies, Suzi found these only brought short term relief, requiring further treatments, which she found a very exhausting process. “After beginning Leech Therapy” Suzie explains, “I noticed a significant improvement during the first week. My circulation improved enormously, as well as noticing a huge reduction of pain in my back and neck area”.


explains, “I noticed a significant improvement during the first week. My circulation improved enormously, as well as noticing a huge reduction of pain in my back and neck area”. 
Suzie Griffiths receives Leech Therapy

“Leech Therapy improved my overall vitality, also enhancing my skin in the reduction of blemishes. Two months later during my yoga classes; my instructor remarked I was a lot more flexible and stronger. [My teacher was unaware I had undergone Leech Therapy].”

“Medicinal Leeches quickly target the area of pain, injecting a natural anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as providing many other beneficial enzymes to the body. I found the benefits long lasting and decided to enquire about Mr. Jaffari’s Leech Therapy courses. I am very excited that I have undertaken and passed the courses available under Mr. Jaffari’s clinic, enabling me to help others.”


Suzi Griffiths
BADipEd Languages

Life Clinic Hirudotherapy & Healing provides natural therapy using leeches, one of the most ancient methods of healing documented in the history of medicine.

Today, an increasing number of people continue to seek natural treatment because they are either unhappy with the side effects of their current treatment or because there is no conventional medical treatment available.

Our clinic offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where leech therapy is provided for the treatment of many ailments to improve conditions, relieve pain and play a role in optimum health by aiding general wellbeing, assisting in reducing toxins, therefore building energy and keeping the body stronger.

An initial consultation is important to discuss the ailment you are seeking treatment for, the degree of the problem, any current medications and whether leech therapy is suitable. You will be informed of the therapy involved, how many treatments are required and the cost.

Clinic hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday however, treatments can be specifically arranged out of business hours depending on your circumstances. Whether you are interstate, overseas or simply trying to organize treatment around your working day, please don���t hesitate to speak to our clinic manager about arranging a time suitable for you.

Tranquil accommodation including all meals can be arranged based on availability and special diets can be accommodated with pre approval.

If you are suffering with health issues and are seeking an alternative solution or have any other questions, we would like to help. Please complete the following online enquiry form for more information cLL 094191694 NEW ZEALAND

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leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist About Mehdi International Counsellor & Life Coach leech therapist new zealand

About Mehdi

International Counsellor & Life Coach leech therapist new zealand leeches leech mehdi leech (Hirudotherapy) therapist

Mehdi is renowned for his experience in mainstream and spiritual areas to facilitate and identify problematic situations.  Helps resolve issues through unique and profound understanding and exceptional methods of communicating and teaching, which has proved invaluable over the years.  Acknowledging everyone’s personality and background is unique, Mehdi assists people to determine and achieve personal goals.  He teaches methods of processing individual action plans; develop strategies and importantly, how to attain insight of empowerment.

Master of Body, Mind & Spirit

Mehdi’s exceptional understanding in this beautiful and diverse area is enjoyed and admired by many.  His extraordinary life is filled with a multitude of unique experiences, giving him deep insight of how the body, mind and spirit are all interlinked for a divine purpose.  Through this powerful connection, Mehdi successfully helps people seeking healing and spiritual enrichment.

Creator of ‘Tools for Life’, Australia’s Best Selling Life-Changing Series of DVDs

Using a lifetime of experiences, Mehdi works closely with his wife and a dedicated team to continue producing and directing his unique and successful series of DVDs called ‘Tools for Life’.  These DVDs provide everyday people with easy-to-follow techniques and tools to help understand and deal with difficult situations in life, as well as inspirational ways to implement important changes through meditation.

Leech Therapist

Mehdi brings his experience in leech therapy from the Middle East, where leeches were used for generations to assist and heal numerous diseases.  In Australia, Mehdi is known for being the first leech therapist to use his methods of treatment in cardiovascular and vascular disease, the developed world’s leading cause of death.


Mehdi shares the importance of understanding a deeper level of our inner-self, which enhances our relationships with others, our family and raising our children.

Mehdi and his wife Tracy

Today, Mehdi lives in Australia, enjoying time with his English wife and extended family; a proud husband, father and grandfather.  Born in 1955, Mehdi has travelled extensively, helping countless people throughout the countries he has lived in.

He has a natural ability to recognize and help individual situations, which is instinctive with his principles of changing and saving lives.

Mehdi’s parents recognized his unique ability of identifying people in need as early as 5 years old during holidays to his elderly grandmother in Hamadan, during Iran’s harsh winter months. Mehdi struggled in difficult weather conditions to collect water for his grandmother from the closest stream situated more than a kilometer away and after delivering her supplies, he would take it upon himself to return to the same area over the following weeks to help other elderly people he noticed having trouble and offered to carry their water back to their homes.

During family vacations, Mehdi is often recognized and approached for help.  He generously puts aside time to assist in transforming and restoring familes, providing healing, spiritual restoration and direction for happier, healthier lives. 

Healing during family vacation in Fiji

Mehdi is an amazing man!  He is honest, courageous and unafraid of being brutally frank about the good, the bad and the ugly in his own life, because he acknowledges life is a very precious gift and his experiences have made him who he is today.  He feels privileged to have helped so many people around the world and it is always Mehdi’s honour and duty to use his knowledge to help others. 

Total confidentiality is always provided to clients and all testimonies are with client’s permission.

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